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I’m was researching Chicago’s “El” train for a Chicago based logo design project I’m working on. I found this commentary by Ian Sohn on Dentyne’s “make face time” ad campaign:
“I’m not here to critique the creative, although I do happen to like it.  Rather, I’m just a bit surprised we (or maybe it’s just me) haven’t seen more brands use popular social media cues in their marketing communications.

Again, creative aside I like a few things here:

1. It’s current (i.e. shows Dentyne is paying attention to the world around it)
2. The imagery is emotional
3. There is no URL on the ad.  That’s right, no URL.  Think about the call-to-action … “Make Face Time.”  A URL would be a conflicting message.  Glad to see this execution won out in what I can only imagine was a rigorous debate.”

    I think this ad campaign is brilliant, and I would add a fourth note to Ian’s commentary: It’s an effective marketing message specifically for chewing gum. Gum is as “offline” a commodity as I can think of. Not only isn’t it bought online. All of it’s social impact is strictly face to face. Whether positive (flavored kisses, fresh breath) or negative (incessant popping, loud chewing), none of chewing gum’s effects translate over the web.

    I also resonate personally with the message. My workdays are spent almost entirely online, and I love the web. Still, my most meaningful friendships are offline, only augmented by e-contact when nothing else will work. My brother and I work together, he in Chicago and me here in Detroit. We talk “face to face” over skype nearly every day. Yet, when we meet in person I inevitably comment, “In the flesh!” and give him a big hug as if I haven’t seen him in months. I haven’t.

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    • I agree, the ad is brilliant, the imagery compelling.
      Great point Seth. Love the blog thing.

      Commenter   |   06.23.09

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